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Empowering individuals to manage life's stress and chaos through a simple nature-centered wellness approach.


Meet Laurie Couillard

Laurie Couillard's love of nature began with the joy of watching her own children and those she cared for over the years, as a teacher, discover their world through nature walks and activities designed for every season. As the years went on, her connection to nature and the belief that health is positively impacted by time spent in nature grew stronger, and she went on to earn her wellness degree and nature therapy guide certification. Her hope is to encourage people to experience the important health benefits for mind, body and spirit that can be achieved through the nature connection for themselves and their family.

Laurie's Talks

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Connect Your Way Out of Stress

This keynote talk is for someone who dedicates their time to everyone but themselves. They are stressed out and overwhelmed, disconnected and out of balance. In this keynote, the audience can expect:

  • Actionable steps to take to restore balance back into your life

  • A simple method to assure your daily needs are met (PECSS)

  • Awareness on risks if we don't take charge of our wellbeing

On Even Ground:

Stress less and Maintain Balance

A nature connection workshop to reduce stress while boosting health! Get your health and  your mind back on solid ground! This is an interactive workshop that will take the audience through three phases: A short keynote session, a guided light hike, and an activity to wrap it up.

  • Understand the importance of nature in restoring a balance between quality of life and the environments in which we live, work and play

  • Learn about the term nature deficit disorder and how it relates to behavior and sensory perception

  • Experience a light sensory hike and discover tools for improving health immediately

  • Participate in an activity that will demonstrate the power of nature in healing and decreasing stress

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Children's Program Options


Nature Nuggets

Each individual session will include the following age-appropriate components:

  • Interactive activity – art, music or language

  • Theme story

  • Hike before heading home


**I have authored a children’s book, “What the Forest Knows” and will feature this in some of the programs as a prize drawing item




Three generations of women

Gina, H. 

Laurie came to speak at our organization and it was phenomenal. She backed up her insights with studies but made it relatable and entertaining. I’m excited to take this back and incorporate her PECSS method with my family


Katie C.

Listening to Laurie talk about nature connection was honestly so eye opening for me. The way she uses nature to relate back to our emotions and perspectives is so simple but transformational. She was personable on stage and told some really impactful stories.


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