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Health Perceptions provides tools to help you live a healthy life, gain the knowledge you need to take control of how well you age over time, and better understand that good health is not just about diet and exercise, but is about taking care of yourself as a whole- physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually!​


In our sessions you gain access to credible, personally relevant information about health and wellness that affect longevity, quality of life and happiness. Life can take unexpected turns, and the only way to help manage the tough times, or sustain the good times, is to be aware of your options. Armed with knowledge from our programs, you can be prepared to take the preventative or proactive measures necessary to ensure you are as healthy as possible-

in every way.

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About Us

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Meet Laurie Couillard

Founder of Health Perceptions, LLC
"Knowledge is power"

Health Perceptions, LLC was created from a passion to help others discover their ability to impact their own health! Knowledge is power and I help clients gain insight into their health priorities and guide them down a proactive and preventative path to wellness that can significantly improve their quality of life. Health Perceptions programs are built around years of wellness experience, mind and body education and helping others learn more about health issues that impact how well they age over time. Stress management is not just a technique, it is a way of life in which a client feels empowered to take action, learning to perceive their health as a journey in which they choose their own path to personal well-being! It has been at the heart of my personal and professional life to try to make a positive difference in the lives of others. At the core of every Health Perceptions program is my passion to help others take control of their future by choosing a proactive approach to overall health.

My education in health and wellness began with a Bachelor of Science degree in the Psychology of Health and Wellness and I continued in that direction by going on to become a certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager. In addition, I have an Associate Degree in Child Development, and have completed certifications as a Nature Therapy Guide, Expressive Arts Facilitator, Aromatherapist and as a Parkinson Disease Cycling Coach. My experience and interest in the health and  wellness field first began when I completed training for the position of Emergency Medical Dispatcher, and the rewarding feeling that came from helping others maneuver through difficult emergency situations successfully. I later moved into the healthcare system at Aurora Health Care, earning my degree and subsequently taking on the role of the southeast market’s manager of the Health and Wellness, Community Outreach and education programs, and more recently providing outreach, education and support as the Director of Group Engagement for the Wisconsin Parkinson Association. I am, most importantly, a parent of three grown children, two sons and a daughter who are a constant source of pride and the key to my happiness! My husband and I live in SE Wisconsin and enjoy hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, cycling and traveling.
My joy is found in helping to guide others as they move forward on their pathway towards a happy, healthy life by helping them discover the essential elements of wellness so they can make informed decisions about their own health journey. I look forward to arming you with the tools and knowledge you need to live life to your fullest potential!

Laurie Couillard

BS Psychology of Health & Wellness

CWWPM- Certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager

Expressive Arts Facilitator

Nature Therapy Guide


Owner and Educator

Health Perceptions, LLC