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What The Forest Knows

"The forest has stories we all need to know...just listen as nature changes and grows!"


Children's Book


About the book

This book is to help children understand the importance of nature and the lessons we can learn by being present and noticing what's around us. This book will walk through a series of popular forest scenes, asking them to recognize different animals and notice what is happening in that scene. By understanding how the elements of nature work together, we can help children understand from an early age, how to use those lessons and live a healthy lifestyle.

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The Inspiration

This was a mother-daughter project, inspired by walks and time spent together in nature. Laurie Couillard's love of nature began with the joy of watching her own children and those she cared for over the years, as a teacher, discover their world through nature walks and activities designed for every season. As the years went on, her connection to nature and the belief that health is positively impacted by time spent in nature grew stronger, and she went on to earn her wellness degree and nature therapy guide certification. Her hope in starting her own company, Health Perceptions LLC., is to encourage those of all ages to experience the important health benefits for mind, body and spirit that can be achieved through the nature connection.

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