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Mind and Body Wellness

Healing Arts programs will allow you to improve your well-being through different creative mediums such as art, music, writing and photography.

  • Provide coping skills necessary to bring healing and balance to life.

  • Help you better manage your stress and emotions

  • Experience self-expression in your own unique way

Health Perceptions provides immersive experiences in nature to help restore balance in various areas of mind body and spirit. In a world that is full of overstimulation, we need connection with nature.

  • Promotes better sleep and relaxation

  • Improves depression and decreases anxiety

  • Improves immune system and more!

Health Perceptions provides education and wellness tools to help you take care of  yourself as a whole- physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually!

  • Live a healthy life

  • Gain the knowledge to take control of how well you age over time

  • Better understand all of the elements of good overall health- beyond diet and exercise

Providing Individual and Business Services

I'm A Business

I'm An Individual

Tired of feeling out of alignment?


Stop going in circles

with your

health and happiness! 

Irritable and stressed out?

Unsuccessful diets and exercise?

Overwhelmed and anxious?

Concerned about aging well?

Diagnosed with a new health condition?

Feeling like there's something missing?

Working through a difficult life change?

Dealing with grief or loss?


Take Charge!

It's your life...

The Path To Wellness


1. Book a free consult with Laurie


This session will help uncover what plan and services fit best with your goals.


2. Develop a wellness plan specific to your needs


Whether it is health education, coaching, healing art practices,

or both, a plan will be custom to you.


3. Live the life you dream of


Once you have the tools, we will work to set you up for success as you put these wellness methods to practice for a lifetime of reward.


Offering Custom Business Services to 

Your Employees!


Why Workplace Wellness?

Improves employee morale

Reduces the amount of sick time

Increases engagement and enthusiasm

Boosts productivity 

Strengthens employee retention

Promotes a strong company culture

About Health Perceptions

Health Perceptions programs are built around years of wellness experience, mind and body education and a passion for helping others learn more about health issues that impact how well they age over time. It has been at the heart of my personal and professional life to try to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

At the core of every Health Perceptions program is my passion to help others take control of their future by choosing a proactive approach to overall health.

-Laurie Couillard

BS Psychology of Health & Wellness

CWWPM- Certified Worksite Wellness Program Manager

Expressive Arts Facilitator

Nature Therapy Guide

Owner and Educator

Health Perceptions, LLC


The mission of Health Perceptions, LLC is to provide education, support and resources to help empower those in our community to be proactive and motivated to take control of their own health, and to reach their fullest potential in achieving a sense of overall well-being.


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