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Health Perceptions, LLC

Empowering individuals to manage life's stress and chaos through a simple nature-centered wellness approach.


Health Perceptions provides immersive experiences in nature to help restore balance for mind body and spirit. In a world that is full of overstimulation, we need connection with nature. Your health is more than an annual doctor visit or a trip to the walk-in to treat symptoms. Through Health Perceptions, you will gain the tools and knowledge to help you be proactive and take control of your wellbeing as a whole-

physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually!

For just a while, allow yourself to step away from the frenzied hustle and bustle that has become daily life in our world, and begin to feel real peace again! Learn how to regain a sense of calm in the chaos, and rekindle the joy in life you felt as a child-  no deadlines, no bills, just appreciating life at its most basic level- eager to get out in the fresh air for the sake of just being.  Health Perceptions can help you on your path to feeling that way again!  Readjust your health perception to see your health as a journey, one you can help direct, and through our programs learn to drill down to what's really important in your life, to once again appreciate those things in life that are paramount to our health and happiness, and to better understand the importance of spending time with yourself and your thoughts in managing life's challenges!  Health Perception's programs share unique methods for making life balance a priority by incorporating simple daily steps to help you manage stress and rebuild that powerful nature connection!

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“ In a world that is full of overstimulation, connecting with nature will help to restore balance.”
-Laurie Couillard


Hiking Boots

Nature Connection

 Immersive experiences in nature to help restore balance for mind, body and spirit. In a world that is full of overstimulation, we need connection with nature.

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Expressive Arts

Improve your well-being through different creative mediums such as art, music, writing and photography, to experience self expression and bring balance to your life


"What The Forest Knows"

Help children understand the importance of nature and the lessons we can learn by being present and noticing what's around us.

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Find out if your organization or event can benefit from one of Laurie Couillard's keynote talks, workshops, or an immersive group guided hike.

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Three generations of women

Gina, H. 

Laurie came to speak at our organization and it was phenomenal. She backed up her insights with studies but made it relatable and entertaining. I’m excited to take this back and incorporate her PECSS method with my family


Katie C.

Listening to Laurie talk about nature connection was honestly so eye opening for me. The way she uses nature to relate back to our emotions and perspectives is so simple but transformational. She was personable on stage and told some really impactful stories.


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