Worksite Challenges

Image by Perry Grone

What is a Worksite Challenge?

Employee wellness programs are becoming a must-have for companies if they want to stay competitive in recruitment and retention. It is intended to encourage health in and outside of work.  

Wellness can be a broad subject (and an intimidating one to tackle alone) so how do you and your employers choose the right focus? A challenge is a great place to start and a quick way to strengthen culture, practice team building, and most importantly get employees excited about their health.

Your challenge will be chosen specifically around your needs and company values. Below are a few examples:

Walking Challenge
Habit- Forming Challenge
Nutrition Challenge
Fitness Challenge
Charity Challenge
Financial Wellness Challenge
Mindfulness Challenge
Sleep Challenge

Worksite Challenges start at $150 per program.

Prices determined by organization and participation group size.

Included Services in a Worksite Challenge

Online Registration​: 

I will handle all registration details for the challenge​


Worksite challenge plan:

 You will get a custom plan, designed specifically for your organization​


Tracking spreadsheet: 

A spreadsheet to track challenge details and progress will be provided​


Weekly check ins: 

I will make sure your challenge goes smoothly and stays on track through the end​


Post challenge follow-up:

 Follow-up is important so that we can reflect on challenge outcomes.​