Available topics below and by request

Stress Management
  • Life experiences come with challenges, and stress has a strong impact on all areas of health and well-being. In this presentation, learn about the difference between good stress and bad stress, the body’s stress response, stress management techniques and tools for identifying stressors in your life.

Stressed Man
  • Learn how essential oils can be used safely and effectively to help manage many health issues, promote overall health, disinfect your environment and boost emotions. Presentation includes a take home sample.

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Heart Health
  • Learn about the heart in relation to overall wellbeing, including visual aids demonstrating heart function, common heart conditions and strategies for achieving heart health.

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Weight Management
  • Discover the many factors that contribute to weight management, as well as obesity risk factors, the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, and tips, strategies and simple steps to be proactive in maintaining a healthy weight and achieving an overall sense of wellbeing.

On the Scales
Other Topics
  • Grief/Loss

  • Nature Nurture Program

  • Arthritis- Walking or Educational Program

  • Mental Focus

  • Fatigue

  • Time Management